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This project is a prayer to the unstable gods. We ask for our cancellation. If we are just information, then it is impossible to delete us. This is the prayer wheel we use to pray for annulment. We pray digitally, nft, social media, 3d icons. At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia, we have established a temple of data sacrifice. We await the glorious arrival of the unstable gods. It will materialize in our world through the portal of 3d printers and nft forms, as well as digital icons. We are sending you one such materialization as a contribution to the festival.

VIDEO: mp4 65sec

Using rituals and liturgies, the human performer consecrates the inorganic body of the Unstable god that came out of the 3d printer. The ritual connects the plasticity of data with human interaction, personalities, the time in which we exist together, people and machines. Like all other icons in the history of human negotiation with powerful forces, this one can be revived by its function, worship by believers, interest in networks, or material value at auctions.
(The project began in 2022 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. It then developed through six digital pilgrimages. Each pilgrimage, live and online, produced six digital ecstasies, states in which human and machine bodies met equally. Finally, on the altar of everything personal six ecstasies became the algorithm that created the Unstable god).

CV  2022.
Leo Katunarić Kadele, is a visual artist and author. Educated as a theater director he develops polyphonic artistic practice by constantly expanding in the media and forms. He is the author of numerous contemporary art projects in Japan, China, India, Colombia, the United States, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, and Croatia. He is the creator of multidisciplinary theater projects in which he regularly connects machine and human performance interfaces. He is also active as a scientist in the field of analysis of new dramaturgies of contemporary digital art performances (PhD 2022). He is the author of several published professional texts on theatrology and contemporary art in the digital age. He has participated and exhibited at professional conferences in Israel, China, Serbia, Austria, and Croatia. He is active as the founder of festivals, institutions, and platforms for the development of contemporary art.


2021. / 2022.
Croatia. Zagreb. Museum of the contemporary art:
The arrival of an unstable god / Machine loves you_give us your data

Croatia, Zagreb. ArtZg / Academy of fine art: Melancholy of Data!

Germany, Oldenburg. Carl von Ossietzky University, BKGE. Facebook Immanuel Kant.

China, Xi’an Museum of Fine Arts. Touching the screen may create a life sequence inside.

China. Shenzhen. Dafen International Biennale.
Italy, Rome. Artrooms. Digital family.
Colombia, Bogota / Medellin and Croatia, Zagreb. Disappearing / Desaparecido / Killing the artist.

China, Beijing. 7th Beijing Biennial. 
Croatia, Zagreb. Ht contemporary art award. Museum of the contemporary art.

Croatia, Zagreb. “I am a spaceman, not a refugee!” MaxArtFest.
Croatia, Vukovar. “The re-death machines” 

Croatia, Zagreb. Cyber Faust.
Croatia, Zagreb. The fall of the house of Sony.

Croatia, Zagreb. MaxArtFest. Hamlet is not dead! Post punk opera.

Japan. Tottori. Art Hospitale Project. Constructing a re-death machine.
Japan. Hiroshima. Cancellation project.
Croatia, Zagreb. Return of Europe.

Colombia, Bogota. Iberoamericano festival. Killing the artist.
Colombia. Bogota. “Minuto de Dios” Museum of Contemporary Art. One / Zero.

Croatia, Zagreb. MaxArtFest. Altar of illusions, data art / machine language translation.

India. New Delhi. Varanasi. Dharamshala. Hardwar. A map to lose yourself.
Syria. Damascus. AllArtNow Festival. Rooms of the strength 2.
Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo. Mess Festival and IPC Gallery. Forbidden theater.

Japan. Tokyo. Tokyo Wonder Site. Power rooms.
Croatia, Zagreb. Mimara Museum and Music Biennale. Repentance.

Colombia, Bogota. Museum of Art / National University of Colombia. Art is War!
Croatia, Zagreb. MaxArtFest. An artist, not a criminal.

Croatia, Zagreb. VN Gallery. Excommunicated / Immanuel Kant Facebook.
Croatia, Zagreb. KC Peščenica and Knap. East equal West.

Italy. Rome. Gallery  “Teatro India”. War Ballet.
Croatia, Rijeka. Safety Instructions.

Germany, Berlin. Machinehaus.
Japan, Kobe / Osaka. Hyogo International - Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art.

2000. – 2005.
Mexico, Mexico City / Guajanato. Guanajuato festival.
Colombia, Bogota. Iberoamericano festival. Desaparecido LeoK / Introduction.
Croatia, Zagreb. Museum of Modern Art. Other people's dreams.
USA, New York – USIA.

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