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LK_2 (Leo Katunarić Kadele) is the author of numerous interdisciplinary projects of contemporary art, as well as theater performances and multimedia performance. He dedicated the first part of his working career to contemporary theater, and realized more than fifty theater plays of various forms. He then runs the Zkm Theater, collaborating with the world’s largest theater festival, the Iberoamericano in Bogotá, as well as the Cervantino Festival in Mexico. He is the author of several plays, of which Medea95 has been translated and published in Italy, by the University of Genoa.
He has been devoting a recent part of his working career, since 2000, entirely to contemporary art, especially to new performing forms of the fusion of digital and human. Working with virtual reality as both a means toward and a subject of contemporary visual and performing arts. He received his doctorate with a thesis on this idea, and the publishing house Leykam soon published a book on the dramaturgy of contemporary digital performances. His exhibitions, films, and artistic works have been produced and exhibited in Japan, Germany, China, Colombia, Mexico, India, Syria, Croatia, Bosnia, United States etc. of which he singles out:

Leo Kadele: Cancelled. Muzej of contemporary art. Zagreb, Croatia. 15. 11. 2021 – Give us your data / Machine loves you! 1. 4. 2022. - An unstable god is coming!
Immanuel Kant Facebook. BKG Institute, Oldenburg, Germany. 2021.
Touching the screen may create a life sequence inside. China. Xi’an Museum of Fine Arts. 2019.
Desaparecido / Killing the artist. Colombia. Bogota, Medellin. / Zagreb. Croatia. 2018.
No image! - 7th Beijing Biennial. China. Beijing. 2017.
I am a spaceman. not a refugee! Croatia. Zagreb. MaxArtFest. 2016.
Cyber Faust - Assumption of Steve Jobs to digital heaven. Croatia, Zagreb. MaxArtFest. 2015.
Hamlet is not dead! Post punk opera. Croatia. Zagreb. MaxArtFest. 2014.
Constructing a re-death machine. Japan. Tottori. Art Hospitale Project. 2013. 2014.
Cancelation project. Japan. Hiroshima. 2013.
The return of the Europe - the cow. Zagreb. Croatia. 2013.
Killing the artist / Desfile. Colombia. Bogota. Iberoamericano festival. 2012.
One / Zero / Alive. Colombia. Bogota. “Minuto de Dios” Museo de arte contemporaneo. 2012.
Altair of illusions - translation of machine language to human language. MaxArtFest. 2011.
Map to lose yourself. India: New Delhi. Varanasi. Dharamshala. 2010.
Forbidden theatre. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo. Mess Festival and IPC gallery. 2010.
Rooms of strength. Japan. Tokyo. Tokyo Wonder Site. 2009.
The repentance. Mimara Museum. Zagreb Croatia. 2009.
Art is War! Colombia. Bogota. Museo de Arte. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 2008.
An artist not a criminal! Croatia, Zagreb. MaxArtFest. 2008.
War Ballet. Italy. Roma. Galleria TeatroIndia. 2006.

Residencies, participations etc.:

Germany, Berlin. Artline project & residency.
Japan, Tokyo. Tokyo Wonder Site. Residency.
Japan. Tottori. Hospitale art project. Residency.
U.S.A. New York. USIA program.
Austria. Wien/Art Carnuntum.  "Old and new Art".
Israel. Tel Aviv. Jerusalem. "Art for peace".
Colombia, Bogota. Iberoamericano festival. 

LK_2  a.k.a. Leo Katunarić KADELE, interdisciplinary visual artist and author. Educated as a theater director, 1990, Academy of Drama Arts Zagreb, Croatia. Ph.D.. 2021, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Thesis in contemporary art and theatrology field: new dramaturgy of digital performance. He received the Rector's Award from the University of Zagreb. He is the author of numerous contemporary art projects in Japan, China, Colombia, Italy, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Syria, Germany and Croatia. He has created more than fifty theatrical and performance events. He is the author of several plays, published and performed in Croatia and Italy. He is the founder of MaxArtFest, the festival of contemporary art in Zagreb, KantunArt production for contemporary art projects, as well as the art collective Kadele_grupa. He was the director of ZKM Theater from 1994 to 2000. He publishes and holds lectures and professional articles in the field of contemporary performance and digital performance in Croatia, Serbia, China, Israel, Austria, Japan, and Colombia. He is the selector of contemporary central European art for the Iberoamericano festival in Bogotá, Colombia. Currently working in the battlefield of pushing humans' inheritance into the realm of the new, post-pandemic, digital reality.