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in an effort to explore a hybrid form of physical and digital performance, we fuse live performance, video performance, the digital online community as a director, archives of past performances derived through media representatives from the same period, an exhibition in physical space, a theatrical performance, activist public action, online performance and archive. Tottori. Japan. Hospitale Art Center

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We are holding an exhibition "Constructing a Re-Death Machine" by Croatian artist Leo Katunarić.
Hospitail, which started in 2012, launched its artist-in-residence program this year. For about five weeks, Katunarić, the first artist, has been working in the former Yokota Clinic building as a studio, covering and photographing at various parts of Tottori City, Sanbutsu-ji Temple in Mt. Santokuyama, and the Hiroshima City Peace Memorial Museum.
Inspired by the fact that a person's identity changes or is forced to be forced due to a major social event or disaster, "Re-Death Machine" is a fictitious system created by Katunarić as a device for the creation of "another possible life / personality / identity". By incorporating people's real dreams and desires into fiction, we will try a new approach to our identity and reality in today's world living in a virtual world. The exhibition consists of nine images and an installation of paintings based on it, and the story progresses as you tour the building, which was also used as a stage setting. On the first day of the exhibition, visitors can also participate in the work as part of "Re-Death Machine".

HOSPITALE PROJECT Exhibition|Leo Katunaric “Constructing Re-Death Machine” (

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