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ENTRANCES FOR THE STRANGE. The child inside us is a stranger. Always. We are desperate that he/she is watching us. It is not a mirror, but an abyss. The production of childhood is an exhibition of memory manipulation. The author fixes the basic points with which he describes his childhood in icons painted by human hands. But the machine, visible as screen activity next to each exposed image, deconstructs information from icon to data. Through a visible process of erasing and rearranging, machine intelligence creates new images that it considers more appropriate memories of the author's childhood, and in relation to his current online status. Like the Byzantine icons that believers gradually erase with kisses and thus incorporate into their own body. Although this artist regularly deals with the fusion of forms, the compression of human performance on digital stages, here he proposes to exhibit six paintings made by human hands using traditional means. The viewer is in the center of six information objects that tell him the story of the stranger in him. He is forced to continue the fiction otherwise he will not be able to return to his identity or recognize himself in his body.

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