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A Map to Lose Yourself that started as an art project and workshop at MaxArtFest called An Artist Not a Criminal, and then developed into a heterogeneous artistic performance that operated in a variety of media, always emulating a previous performance. It spontaneously developed as a digital art performance that took place simultaneously in cyberspace and live, in four holy Indian cities. At the same time, it was a live body performance and an avatar performance by representatives of the digital community.

We perform as humans / in Zagreb, Croatia / becomes the media of the digital theatre / re-enact as a modul of cyberformance in India. / Performer becomes avatar / agent of an digital audience. / Control of the narrative is in the hands of anonymous participants / Performer a.k.a. Hero2.0 performs live in India / Cyberspace stage treats us as avatars

Map to lose yourself Hardiwar Against Darth Wader.jpg
Map to lose yourself Bodhgaya LK_2.jpg
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