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ENGLISH VIDEO TEXT 3min. Central piece of the tryptich.



I greet you, dear user, dear user. Thank you for stopping and looking at me. Thank you for showing interest in my work and my life. My name is Leo Katunaric. I am the real and only Leo Katunarić. I am a doctor of science and a visual artist. I am also known as Kadele and LK2. I'm the only one with that name and I'm the only one who creates art under that name. Please do not look at the pictures posted on the left and right. They are fake art objects. It is an outdated medium that is not of interest to modern people. Now I will prove to you that I am the real Leo Katunarić Kadele. See the true contemporary art of the unstable majestic medium of our age.


The work you saw was created by manipulating data with computer programs and visualization designed with a special dramaturgy. With my art, I want you and I to live our time together as deeply as we can. That's why I use forms that are close to you and for which you feel deeply. At the same time, I am trying to start thinking processes in your frontal cortex about the meaning of living in our time...


Stop and Mute! You are not Leo Katunaric! You lie! You don't even exist! What you call digital art is just data manipulation! Dear visitors! Refuse the manipulation of your emotions! The true art of Leo Katunarić Kadele is human! Look at the pictures left and right! Turn off the screens! Let deep anxiety permeate you! You yourself have the answers to all questions! Death to the algorithm! Freedom to bodies!

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